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- the basic stuff -

1. First name- Jesenia or you can call me Jess
2. Gender - Female
3. Age - Nineteen
4. Birthday(give the year too) - May o5, 1985
5. What state do you live in - Florida - but i was born in Los Angeles and lived there for 11 years..
1. Movie- just one? umm- the goonies, dumb and dumber, x men(both) spider man(both), peter pan, finding nemo, breakfast club and sixteen candles... =)
2. Clothing store - Urban Outfitters, Forever XXI, Hot Topic, Pacific Sunwear..
3. Band/artist - Linkin Park, Story of the year, Matchbook Romance, Atmosphere, Non Phixion, Trapt, Ashlee/ Jessica Simpson..
4. Song- Dangerously In Love by Beyonce...
5. Actor/Actress- Julia Roberts, Jennifer Anniston, George Cloony...
complete randomness
1. What are your thoughts on the war in Iraq? My Thought on Iraq- i think that a lot of things that are going on- could be avoided.. its hard to really grasp the fact that hundreds are dying for us- and they are so innocent. I feel so sorry for those families that have lost anyone. Especially in 9/11. It sad how it came down to war- and how people are being beheaded..
2. Do you like me and ryan(lol) well i've spoken to ryan- and he is a super adorable, really nice guy.. so im positive if he is friends with you- you'll be super! lol so yeah..
3. What makes you belong? The fact that it doesnt bother me if i DONT belong.. and i am a really nice, outgoing, funny person.. and im a great listener =)
4. What’s your biggest fear? i dont wanna die without having a healthy family and being happy.. my parents divorced about two years ago and i wanted it to happen caz my father could be an asshole- but it hurt me a lot... i dont wanna be divorced.. i dont want to have to put my children through that...
5. Greatest accomplishment so far? Graduating and Starting College..
6. What do you want out of life?  To be successful- and to have a healthy family
7. If there is anything you wanna add feel free to add whatever you want because we are always happy to get to know the people who want to join-  im sure through my posts you will learn a lot about me.. :) .. i am a nice person - but dont get me wrong.. i have a bad attitude towards people who are assholes/bitches ...
1. 3 clear pictures of yourself

*meeeee- this was an unexpected pic.. but its a cute one! lol* sorry if its retarded- i dont know how to size pics!

the left one..

me ..when i stole my boy's hat! lol

on the left again..


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