Kirsty Jade (specialk8345) wrote in do_you_belong,
Kirsty Jade


the basic stuff
1. First name Kirsty
2. Gender Female
3. Age 17
4. Birthday(give the year too) July 2, 1987
5. What state do you live in NJ or Bermuda
1. Movie How To LOse A Guy In 10 Days
2. Clothing store Abercrombie/ Holister/ Guess/Express/American Eagle/Rampage
3. Band/artist Britney Spears
4. Song Leave (Get Out)- JoJo
5. Actor/Actress Paul Walker/ Lindsay Lohan
complete randomness
1. What are your thoughts on the war in Iraq? No one should fuck with a powerful nation and get away with it!ON WITH THE WAR! Haha!
2. Do you like me and ryan(lol) sure you seem like cool guys
3. What makes you belong? I share alot of the same interests  this community underlines.
4. What’s your biggest fear? letting myself down
5. Greatest accomplishment so far? my performances in "Annie" and "The Sound Of Music" on Broadway
6. What do you want out of life  happiness, success, knowledge
7. If there is anything you wanna add feel free to add whatever you want because we are always happy to get to know the people who want to join..ok..Im addicted to Red Bull! Haha!

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