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the basic stuff
1. First name

2. Gender female
3. Age 22
4. Birthday(give the year too) Nov 11, 1981
5. What state do you live in UT, yeah i know ur not jealous

1. Movie
Almost Famous
2. Clothing store VS
3. Band/artist i have 7 gigs of music- too hard to choose
4. Song again, way too hard too choose, but for now ill go with Asking Too Much by Ani diFranco
5. Actor/Actress julia stiles, brad pitt, i could go on, but i wont

complete randomness
1. What are your thoughts on the war in Iraq? its expensive and its my buddies that are sleepin in the sand over there.  :(
2. Do you like me and ryan(lol) um
3. What makes you belong? monica invited me
4. What’s your biggest fear? dying alone
5. Greatest accomplishment so far? graduated on friday
6. What do you want out of life to do something every day to make the world a better place.
7. If there is anything you wanna add feel free to add whatever you want because we are always happy to get to know the people who want to join
I am moving into my new apartment this weekend.  I am a moderator for several communities.  I love LJ.  Its my place to vent, have support and connect with a diverse collection of people. 

1. clear pictures of yourself

2. your favorite body part
3.  cat or dog just because I love animals
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