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Hillary ♥


1. First name: Hillary
2. Gender:female
3. Age:17
4. Birthday(give the year too): May 27, 1987
5. What state do you live in: Virginia

1. Movie: Spaceballs
2. Clothing store: Hollister and Abercrombie
3. Band/artist: I like a lot but my 2 favorites are Matchbook Romance and Transition
4. Song: Billy Ray Sirus-- Achy, Breaky Heart [it's been my favorite since I was 4...all my family is from Georgia]
5. Actor/Actress: Brad Pitt/Kate Hudson<

complete randomness
1. What are your thoughts on the war in Iraq? I don't see the point why we went over there in the first place, but since we're there now we might as well make the best of it and try to stop as much as we can over there.
2. Do you like me and ryan(lol) of course!
3. What makes you belong? uhmm, because I'm cool like that? haha : )
4. What’s your biggest fear? failure
5. Greatest accomplishment so far? placing 2nd in a national tae kwon do tournament
6. What do you want out of life? to be successful and to be with the one I love
7. If there is anything you wanna add feel free to add whatever you want because we are always happy to get to know the people who want to join? Uhmmm...I model, I've been doing that for awhile. And I play soccer, run cross country and track and do tae kwon do [which is my life]. Yeah. Had 2 knee surgerys earlier this year anddd I wanna major in Neurobiology at the University of Miami and become a Neurosurgeon...yuuuup.

1. 3 clear pictures of yourself
2. 1 picture of your favorite body part
3. 1 picture of your cat or dog just because I love animals

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